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Plants Vs Zombies (Original Game - Part 1)



Are you ready to defend your home from the Zombie Apocalypse?? With the help of plants, defend your home and brain(s).


A few months ago, my son Alex and I were here online playing games and watching videos. Somehow...Alex stumbled upon this online game called 'Plants Vs Zombies'. I was all like: 'Wow, that looks like it could be fun!'


So I visit the site that he was on, which was PopCap's online trial version of the game. (Link Below)


Link to Online Trial: http://www.popcap.com/games/plants-vs-zombies/online


Well, Alex and I were both playing this trial version for a few weeks on and off. But it was fun to see how this game really worked. At first glance, this game gives off the perspective of like...this is just for little kids. But once you actually get your hands into this...you come to find/discover that there is a whole lot more to this than what it appears.


For one, you have to be very agile, strategic, and must multitask super well. It's like eyes go everywhere. It is not really all that easy to stay on top of all of the details that are going on all at once. It takes practice. Talk about a mind teaser…'Plants Vs Zombies' is a good game series to literally challenge the mind.


I remember when I was a teen hearing and reading studies about how certain video games can help better develop the human mind. And the busier the mind was in processing thoughts while playing, the greater the increase. In another article I will explain how all of this works more in depth.


Well, at times its good to face a good diversion and challenge the mind to accomplish a challenge such as puzzles, games, etc.


I liked this game so much, that I decided to buy it a few weeks later, and played it over and over again. I mastered all of the levels. And even though I passed the game, with access to all of the plant weapons...it was even more fun to pass the second time around. There are multiple areas to play, and multiple challenges even in the main game play. After passing this game more than 6 times and with more than $250,000+ game dollars earned...was ready to take this game online.


So I created a Playlist on my 'Daddy Games' YouTube Channel to be able to show all the best strategies to play and pass the game. Well...at least my take on how to go about doing that. But once you pass the game, the series will not just end there. I will also be doing a re-run walk-through of how to pass the game again using all of the new plants that you have earned along the way.


As well, (yes there is more…) I am also going to include some fun posts with videos not only about my game play...but some that I found online that you might also like to check out. So it is not only about just checking out the game play and strategies. There is always more to see, learn, and watch on my social pages on Facebook/Google+/Twitter/Pinterest


So, if you are serious about having fun...you can have fun watching me show these zombies...just who...their daddy is. .


Well, here's off to the amazing gaming in the time to come.


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PopCap Site: http://www.popcap.com/plants-vs-zombies-1
Link to Online Trial: http://www.popcap.com/games/plants-vs-zombies/online

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