Kneeling Before You


Kneeling Before You


Daddy’s Faith Podcast – Season 1 – Episode 001 – “Kneeling Before You””

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"Kneeling Before You"


Today's Episode is more of an introduction to the show/podcast. It explains what Daddy's Faith is about. And how it can positively impact the life of a father. Guiding him to learn how to kneel before God, in an effort to tame his heart from the anguish and the afflictions of life that could lure a man to become distant from God. If a man becomes distant from God, his heart could lean away from being the proper head of the household that he needs to be.

Daddy's Faith is a channel aimed at sharing the religious perspectives of a father's life. We do not need to fully agree with each other when it comes to religious perspectives. But with an open can transform your life in a never thought before.

I understand that not always will my lessons be able to properly fill the hearts of those who listen. But it is for sure, a good way to get started in the right direction.

Of history's greatest men to ever live. The majority of those who have ever surmounted to ever be great...took time to kneel before God. And as a result...with time...earned his blessings to become great men to have left their footprint & be ever remembered in Human history.

If there is a part of you that is just flat out tired about the way things are in your life...and thirst for an incredible change in your life. This is the place to start.

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