Good Morning God


“Good Morning God”


I will never, be able to amount to be able to be God’s favorite. In the great book of life (The Bible), there was mention that only one human was ever mentioned to have been God’s favorite. And that man…was King David. David was a man of faith who was described as ‘a man who’s after God’s heart’. Although there were many sides to David. Regardless of the phase he might have been living through…seeking after God’s heart and attention was a priority greater than even that of the holy priests of any time period in human evolution.

Of the things that David would do to follow’s God’s instructed request, David would pray three times a day. Once in the morning, once mid-day, and again in the evening. Although to many this will appear to be a challenge, it was David’s norm.

Although I know that I will never be able to called to be God’s favorite, that does not mean that I should not take the time to call out to God if I can each required time of day.

So a morning ritual that I have done for many years now, was to say “Good Morning” to coffeemorningGod. And not just in thought…but literally say it out loud to where he can hear me. Each morning after getting myself and my son ready in the mornings…as we headed out. On our way to the daycare, I would say out loud, “Good morning God!” At first my son would not understand the meaning behind my intent. But with time, and guiding him to church each week, eventually he too began to echo me.

My son is very proud of his father. And much with that pride, he has always enjoyed learning from my example. It is an incredible feeling that comes over me when ever in those mornings after greeting God, there would be this adorable echo of a baby boy behind me greeting God as well.

I will admit to you, that when life presses in various ways, it is not easy to always remember to greet him. As it is human to easily become distracted with personal thoughts and actions. But whenever I would remember, and would greet him. I always felt an incredible happiness come over me. As if God was happy to see and hear his son acknowledge him.

At first it kind of felt silly to be alone in the car and saying it out loud. But with time, I could not help but think about something that was read in the bible. To the extent of: ‘If you will be ashamed of me before God, then God will be ashamed of you.” Here are a few links to where you can find it in all of the Bible Versions. I actually liked this site, hope you’ll like it too. It shows the same verse, in all of the versions that it could find, and shows them all on the same page. 

Luke: 9:294-8-2014 3-20-03 PM


Mark 8:38


Mathew 10:32



Well as a God fearing Man, I really learned that I should not be ashamed of God regardless of where it is that I am. And even in the presence of others…I should not be ashamed to acknowledge him. With time as a result of doing this day in and day out, have noticed a significant change in my luck. I have felt God’s presence even more lively than before. I have never felt abandoned. But am glad that I can count on him always being at my side.

So my religious moment today and message to you is…every morning…remember to greet him. And out loud so that he can hear you say, “GOOD MORNING GOD!”



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