God’s Altar at Home


God's Altar At Home


Daddy’s Faith – Season 1 – Episode 2 – “Pray Before Eating”

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God's Altar At Home

God has an Altar in his church home. But there is an incredible benefit, in making one for him at home. In this lesson we explore the perspectives on having one at home for him. An how making an Altar for God at home can impact your life.
Remember, isolate & reserve a given space to be a designated place for God's Altar in your home.
Make sure that you respect his space, by not allowing any object that is not related to him or his work to ever invade any of this Altar space or surface.
Remember to periodically maintain the Altar clean and presentable for God.
Consider using the area where the Altar is located as the place to go to, to pray.
If you are willing to make him a priority in your home, he will make you a priority in his heart. Take care of him, and he will take care of you.
Learn more by listening or watching the audio/video lesson.

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