Stabbing - Franklin Senior Regional High School-  Alex Hribal - Murrysville Pennsylvania

20 People Stabbed at Franklin Senior Regional High School by 16 year old ‘Alex Hribal’. Location/City Murrysville Pennsylvania – April 9th, 2014 @ 7:15 AM – EST.



So yesterday, when I was about to get started creating content for all of my other projects, came across another story of great concern. Another major incident at another school, somewhere here in our great country. Seriously, like again? Have we not suffered enough as a country? The situation killed my creativity. But I decided to follow the entire story to try to understand what it was that happened…and how.

Last night I spent 6+ hours researching, and compiling together a full detailed storyline about what exactly happened. Although there was a multitude of news sources online talking about the event. They each only had pieces to the full story.

Not long ago, I discovered that I have a talent for being able to piece together complex puzzles to properly be able to compile a very detailed story. So if you are serious about learning what happened on this very day of April 9th, 2014…here is the full and COMPLETE scoop.


The incident really did not start on April 9th. It really started the night before. Really…maybe even before that. Alex Hribal is a young 16 year old kid. He lives in a clean neighborhood, in the same street at the principal/assistant principal (not sure which one of the two. Various sources kept referencing either, but a Mr. King). Alex’s father is a banker, and not sure about his mother. Alex has an older brother that also attends the same high school as he. The Hribal household is not a broken home. They live in a 2 story home, with a 2 car garage. And this is a traditional American home where Alex has lived in since he was 2 years old.


Alex is a normal typical kid. He does not have any medical conditions, he is drug free, he is not a loner and is able to get along with people. He is not a trouble maker, nor does he have any type of negative history what so ever on his record. It was mentioned that he did not have a cell phone. (Although some news sources said he did.)

For some time a mess had been brewing that no one knew about. A mess that the night before on April 8th, 2014; Alex’s parents did not know that Alex made a call to threaten someone.  Freshman "Hope Demont" said she heard rumors that the suspect called an upperclassman Tuesday night from a restricted number saying, "I'm going to [expletive] you up."

 It is unknown at this time; when exactly it is that Alex was able to grab two very sharp kitchen knives. Nor is it known as of yet, exactly how he concealed them and got them into the school the following morning.


 With Prom tickets scheduled to be sold next week, students arrived like it was just another normal day at the high school. Franklin Senior Regional High School is among the 50 top-performing public high schools in Pennsylvania, with 98 percent of its students graduating — an unusually high rate.

So now on the morning of April 9th, 2014, at about 7:10 AM – EST, Alex Hribal confronted
another student. It is unknown who was confronting who. What was known, is that they were arguing. A 3rd student standing nearby was about to approach the two to make an effort at stopping the confrontation.


That morning, there was a changeover of security at the school, when officers from both the overnight and the day shifts were on the campus at the time of this incident. The change was taking place just as the confrontation was happening, foot steps away & around the corner in the hallways. One officer heard the commotion and was walking over to find out what was going on.

Suddenly, just as the 3rd student approached the two to talk, Alex Hribal swung out the two kitchen knives. In the process of pulling them out he ended up slaching the face of the 3rd student, then proceeded to begin stabbing the 2nd student that he was arguing with. (Here, Alex would be the 1st student, for this perspective.) As he stabbed him over and over again, they both fell to the floor. There were other students nearby observing what was going on. Some started to run and scream.


Mia Meixner, 16, said the initial assault touched off a “stampede of kids” yelling, “Run! Get out of here! Someone has a knife!”

 As Alex got up, the first officer approached him. Alex turned to stab him in the stomach. The officer, as a result of the pain leaned against a wall. Students who saw Alex’s expression said that he did not show any emotion in his face at all.

Alex Hribal then started to make his way down the hall. Stabbing people left and right. Stabbing anyone that was in his way. It did not matter if he did or did not know them.

As students fled in all directions. Some ran in the direction where the 2nd officer was next to the principal/AP (Mr. King) yelling about what was going on. Immediately Mr. King and a 2nd police officer ran after the suspect. As they approach the place where the incident started, they took sight of the first officer learning in pain and in blood against the wall. He points in the direction where Alex was headed next.

2014-0904-Gracey Evans-17

 As Alex made his way down the hallway stabbing people, some were critical stabbings while others were not. A student by the name of 'Nate Scimio' pulled the fire alarm to get everyone out as a result of what was going on. The fire Alarm with the screaming kids made everyone run out from all over the school, saving lives.

Gracey Evans, 17, was standing by her locker, when her male best friend saw what was going on and got in the way so that Gracey would not get stabbed. But he was stabbed and Gracey stepped in to aid him after, and put pressure on the wound until EMT personnel arrived. This injured student much like others wounded, requested to be assisted and moved into a safe classroom away from the problem.


Alex Hribal did not make his way into any classrooms, this all happened in the hallways. 

Wounded students ended up inside the classrooms as a way to escape the problem in the hallway. Some injured students were able to make their way out. So other students arriving on campus witnessed these students walking out bleeding. With all of the blood bleeding onto the floor and with the footsteps of students running, it spread the blood everywhere making the scene appear very bloody and gruesome.


Those that managed to get away were screaming and yelling, warning others to stay away and run away from the school.

With the fire alarm sounding loud through the corridors. The 2nd officer and Principal/AP were able to corner the suspect at the end of the hall, which was next to set of stairs to the 2nd floor. A senior student by the name of Ian Griffith was walking down the stairs on his way out just as this happened.

Alex Hribal lunged at the 2nd police officer, and just as that happened, the Principal/AP tackled the suspect to the ground. As this happened, senior student Ian seeing what was going on, jumped in to help pin down the suspect to disarm him. Once disarmed, he was handcuffed by the officer right there and then. But they continued to pin him down until another officer arrived.

Students were calling their parents asking to be picked up. Social feeds lit up with content about what was going on. All nearby schools were placed under lock down. The school requested parents keep the roads clear to allow EMS to arrive.


2014-0904-FHS-05Although the event was taking place, not all students ran outside. Of those that did not get stabbed that were still inside, once the suspect ran past them, they tended to the wounded. They applied pressure to their wounds to hold back the bleeding. The cafeteria staff jumped in to aid the wounded, as well teachers that were in the hallway.

Over the radio, a chain of multiple conversations sounded providing request for help, and providing a status of what was going on. Police arrived on site, but not knowing the status of the situation inside, nor if Alex Hribal was alone, they did not allow anyone into the building until the sections of the building were cleared by them.



2014-0904-FHS-04Once EMT’s were able to make their way into the building, they immediately began to attend all of the victims. The total wounded were 19 students, 1 police officer, and 4 additional students that were treated for other pre-existing health conditions that got worse as a result of the stress & shock of what just occurred in front of them. (Ex: shock, seizure, asthma, other pre-determined health conditions)

 Of the 19 wounded students, 4 of them were flown out to nearby hospitals as a result of the severity of their wounds to attend all of the victims. 


Parents began to arrive in the minutes that followed searching for their kids. Of course with all of the students scattered around the outside of the campus, it took time to locate them all. Some of the students did not have cell phones at all. There were students that found shelter at a neighboring middle school.

Gracey Evans, 17; the girl saved by her male best friend, rode in the ambulance with him. To help talk to him and keep him conscious. Thanks to her applying pressure to his wound; was able to help save him. Gracey was not wounded. But due to her calm and cooperative nature, was allowed to remain at his side and was able to stay a bit even in the ER.

The hospitals nearby received the EMT notifications about what was going on, and immediately send out a PAGE of ‘ALL HANDS ON DECK’ to all medical members in the community. Staff members that worked the night shift stayed over, nurses that were at home got ready and rushed over. Doctors that were available at other hospitals made their way towards the hospitals in the area to assist. Before any of the victims arrived, all medical facilities were ready.

2014-0904-FHS-05The school released all students to parents who came to pick them up. But with all of the commotion and with students everywhere, it did take a while to reunite many students with parents.

Of the total number of victims, Eight male victims; seven students and an adult/officer, were taken to Forbes Regional Hospital in Monroeville, the nearest trauma center. Of the seven students, three needed emergency surgery for stab wounds to the torso that Dr. Christoph Kaufmann, who is the chief trauma surgeon, said would have been fatal had the patients not received immediate treatment. The doctor said the wounds were "impressively large holes" and were multiple inches deep.

Had it not been for the students that stayed behind to help, along with others that assisted, the victims might not have made it. 

At least four people remained in intensive care with life-threatening injuries after the rampage Wednesday morning. One of the 4 victims that was in critical condition required surgery and lost a kidney as a result of the stabbing. Another suffered a punctured lung. And the other suffered of stabbings to the stomach areas of their abdomen.


UPMC Presbyterian had one victim, a 17-year-old male in critical condition with chest and abdomen wounds. The boy is on life support and has already undergone one surgery, with more to come, UPMC doctors said. The blade sliced through his liver and diaphragm, missing his heart by millimeters.

The other four students, all boys between 15 and 17, suffered less-serious knife wounds to their extremities and torsos, but all will be held overnight at the hospital and could remain for several days. Their families were with them this afternoon. And the hospital(s) staff also made accommodations to provide a space for each family to gather and have their own area.

Dr. Timothy Van Fleet, of the department of emergency medicine at UPMC, said six victims were brought to UPMC East and one was transferred to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh UPMC. Four of the victims; three boys and a girl, were treated and released, and one 17-year-old female was undergoing plastic surgery for facial lacerations & is expected to be treated and released later today.

One student with superficial wounds was treated and released at UPMC Mercy.

Five, including the victim transferred from UPMC East were at Children’s Hospital, where one, a 14-year-old boy, was in critical condition with a chest wound. Two males were in serious condition, a 17-year-old with a chest wound and a 16-year-old with an injury to his right arm. A 17-year-old male was in fair condition with a stab wound in his left arm and a 17-year-old female was in fair condition with a wound to her right hand.


Nate Scimio the student who pulled the fire alarm later posted a picture to Instagram with the comment; "Chlling at Children's". It appears that he might/was/is one of the victims who luckily was not gravely hurt in the attack, and was still able to manage to pull the fire alarm. His heroic act, helped contribute to saving lives by making students arriving at the school not come inside, and for those in other areas to evacuate the building to avoid harm.




2014-0904-HribalHome01Doctors said they expected all the victims to survive, despite large and deep puncture wounds to the abdomen in some cases. The wounded campus police officer was released.

At least a dozen FBI agents could be seen going in and out of Hribal's family home in the hours after the attack. Shortly before the agents arrived at the house, a man believed to be Hribal's father drove up.

3 computers were taken from his home by the FBI.

At the Murrysville home, Hribal's father said he had no comment beyond sending out prayers to everyone concerned.

2014-0904-AlexHribal02The chief of police advised that the accused teen was taken to a nearby hospital in the back of a police car to be treated for injuries to his hands. After he was treated for his cuts, the suspect, dressed in a hospital gown and handcuffed, was returned to the police station. In the evening, he was taken before District 'Judge Charles Conway' in Export. Westmoreland - 'County Sheriff Jonathan Held' described Alex as quiet, and said that the teen had not been talking to authorities since he was brought to the judge's office.

After the stabbings, he indicated that "he wanted to die". And he told the Judge that he might not be competent to stand trial.

According to the Attorneys for Hribal; the suspect sat head-down in court; in a hospital gown, bearing numerous bandages and stitches with his hands and feet shackled. His defense asked for a psychiatric evaluation.

Even though the attacker is 16 years old, He will be tried as an adult. Alex Hribal was arraigned about 6:30 p.m. EST on 4 counts of attempted homicide, 21 counts of aggravated assault and one count of possessing a prohibited weapon on school property.

Charges Breakdown:

  • 4 - counts of attempted homicide = 4 victims in ICU that were flown to the hospital due to the severity of their trauma & wounds
  • 21 -counts of aggravated assault =
          15 victims,
            4 that were able to barely miss being stabbed,
            1- Mr. Kink, &
            1- 2nd office that took him down
            = 21 total
  • 1 - count of possessing a prohibited weapon on school property

The district attorney asked Judge Conway to deny bail, saying he did not think there was a way to grant bail and adequately protect the community. He noted the officials do not yet have a motive for the stabbings. Hribal is being held without bail at the Westmoreland County juvenile detention center.

The final story, or the release of as much information that can be legally released by authorities will be done on April 30th, 2014. Which is when the initial trial is scheduled to take place. 

 [Attacker's FB page: https://www.facebook.com/alex.hribal ]


Hribal’s Facebook page doesn’t have much information but it does include a series of random questions that he answered. The answers include the mention of Hitler.


2014-0904-VigilMembers of the Pennsylvania community held a vigil for those injured in the incident.

Mr. Piraino said the high school will be closed for the next few days and that counseling will be available. The elementary and middle schools will be running as normal Thursday.

Although I mentioned some of the heroes involved, there were many more that were not named, interviewed or identified.

We need to pray for everyone involved:

The suspect's family. They were not aware of what was going to happen. And take a moment to reflect and put yourself in their shoes. How would you react if you found out that it was one of your kids that did this? How would you feel if the suspect could have been your brother or sister? How do you think people would treat you or look upon you if they knew that you were related to the accused person? Please be respectful to the family as it is not their fault for what has happened. This could happen to any home here in America.

Please pray for the victims of this incident and their families. There are parents who did not have their children come home that night because they will have to stay at the hospital for an undetermined time period. Even though no one died, that does not mean that the victims are fully 100% out of the wood-works. There is still much recuperation that has to take place. As well, these victims will be forever tormented and traumatized with what happened to them.

We also need to pray for the community, as they are all suffering together. Although there were people who were not stabbed, the images of what they saw will continue to haunt them.

Although we can primarily see the tragedy, let us keep note that God was watching and present. Thankfully, no one died.

As I conclude on this story, I would like to invite you also see the supporting links below for people who are interested in learning more about the incident. As well there are reference links below those of other sites from where I pulled a good amount of the information found here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. If you did find it informative, please share with others, to help clarify what really happened.


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