Cast Your Nets


"Cast Your Nets"
Morning Prayers

Luke: 5:1-8

Today, I just about broke down in tears to discover the message that God wanted me to talk about in today's 'Morning Prayers'. We visit Luke 5:1-8 to discover an incredible message of blessings. 



In the story, Jesus leads the people to the shore line of a body of water. Upon arriving sees 

2 ships alone floating in the water. Simon and Peter (Before they became followers of Christ) were on the shore collecting their nets after a long depressing and exhausting night fishing with no game collected at all. 

Once his lesson was done, he turned to look at Peter and asked him to cast his fishing nets again off the side of the boat. Peter and Simon were both tired, hungry exhausted, a felt defeated after the long night and through sitting listening to Jesus teach. Their fatigue complained, but when they gathered their thoughts as they complained...they obeyed Jesus. As it was heard and believed that one is to just have faith in what he says. Jesus boards one of the two boats with Peter and floats a bit away from the shore. From the boat Jesus presents to the audience around the shore an incredible lesson. From the water Jesus was better able to cast his voice and be well seen by the multitude. 

Tired, hungry, fatigued and defeated...they cast the nets over. Worries of financial stress lured their minds from the lack of catch the night before. Soon, the nets filled with so many fish, that they began to tear from the overwhelming amount of fish. Peter and Simon had to call their partner ships over to help them wheel in the catch and then some more. They were able to bring in so much fish, that both boats were so heavy that they each sank slightly into the water from all of the weight. 


As they anxiously worked, their fatigue and stress washed away to the relief that they would be able to feed all of their families well soon and pay for all of their financial worries. All of the men were emotional and overwhelmed with what had just happened. Realizing that it was all due to the Miracle that Jesus has summoned by which these men were able to be blessed in such a way. 

Immediately Peter and Simon cower on their knees before Jesus talking about how they felt and realized that before the presence of God...that they felt that they were not worthy of being able to be beyond blessed by God. 

Many times we do not understand how it is that we are blessed, nor why. I can so relate to how these men felt at that very moment. For months now, I too have been working many late nights until 3-4-5 AM working diligently at creating all of these fronts, sites, channels by which to deliver my messages of hope. I had mixed feelings with today's message in wondering if God intended that I too be taught/hear God's message today. For I know and can share the worries that these men held in their hearts. 


Will I be able to pay my bills today? How and with what will I be able to buy food today? My shoes are wearing out. How can I give my child something better? What about tomorrow? How will I get things done next week? Next month?

Is anyone listening? That is a question that I have in my heart. But non-the-less...faithfully, I will continue to cast my net...and hope that soon...perhaps God might hear my plea....and at least pour a few fish into my net too. 

Today's message is that of hope. Where regardless of how we feel about ourselves...if we can only place our faith in him. Even when we have suffered long endless nights without end worried, crying, suffering, bleeding, aching for a solution...he does hear our plea. He will see us through when we least expect it. 



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