God’s Altar at Home

God has an Altar in his church home. But there is an incredible benefit, in making one for him at home. We explore the perspectives on having one at home. And how making an Altar for God at home can impact your life.

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Pray Before Eating

At Thanksgiving Dinner, we all remember to give thanks/grace/praise before we all dig in to eat. But why only at thanks giving? Today we reflect on the reminder to pray before eating each meal. As well, present a prayer that I personally use for you to consider using. Also…how to come up with your own.

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Kneeling Before You

Daddy’s Faith is a channel aimed at sharing the religious perspectives of a father’s life. We do not need to fully agree with each other when it comes to religious perspectives. But with an open mind…you can transform your life in a way…you never thought before. 


Talk To Me

“Talk To Me” .  My Son, I love you, and I soo miss you. When ever you need to talk to me, I am here to listen to you, and help you however it is that I can. Learn to identify when is the best time to approach a dad to talk. Usually if dad has more »


Talk To Your Children

“Talk To Your Children” . Mr. Suave’s To Do ListRemember how old your child/children are for each topic. Schedule a day of the week to talk to him/her/them each week. What tradition would you like to do with each talk?(Example: Go out for ice cream, milk & cookies in the kitchen, a walk in the park.)Please make more »


Plants Vs Zombies – Level 1 (1-10)

Learn the BEST strategies on how to pass the first 10 levels to ‘Plants Vs Zombies’ right here!! You can choose from watching a specific video of choice, or more than one. @ Daddy Games…You Are In Control!!


Plants Vs Zombies !!!!!!

Are you ready to defend your home from the Zombie Apocalypse?? With the help of plants, defend your home and brain. Daddy Suave will take you through a walk through about what this game is all about and his best strategies to pass the game over and over again.


Cast Your Nets

Today, I just about broke down in tears to discover the message that God wanted me to talk about in today’s ‘Morning Prayers’. We visit Luke 5:1-8 to discover an incredible message of blessings.


Good Morning God

Every morning, we should take a moment to acknowledge God, by greeting him in the mornings. “Good Morning God!!”


I Will Protect You (2-Samuel:14:10-11)

. “I Will Protect You” 2-Samuel 14:10-11 10 And the King said, Whosoever saith ought unto thee, bring him to me, and he shall not touch thee any more.11 Then said she, I pray thee, let the king remember the Lord thy God, that thou wouldest not suffer the revengers of blood to destroy any more »

Candy Candy Candy!!! Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!! What A RUSH!!

Try RedBull in your coffee!! And before you know it, its like boom!! You are racing down the highway, 1/2 way to work then you come to realize….OMG!! I forgot my CAR!!!   In today’s episode of Rambling, we discuss children’s Candy Rush, and how some adults just never seemed to have grown out of more »

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Dulces Y Café

Combinar productos que contienen cafeína con el café, no todo el tiempo es buena idea. A veces puede resultar en situaciones en el cual vas corriendo rápido al trabajo; ya a medio camino allí, realizas que se te olvido el carro. En el episodio de ‘Madereado’ (Rambling-Español); platicamos de dos temas; ‘Dulces’ & ‘Cafe’. Los more »


Olor Eterno

Durante una conversación con mi madre el dia de hoy…me acorde de una memoria de tiempo atrás. Durante un momento en el cual jugaba con mi hermano, nació esta picardía. Para ser cosas mas interesante…decidí hacer la canción utilizando la voz de una ardilla (Chipmunk). Nosotros en su momento nos quedamos a risas. Durante los more »